CCP Games Unveils the EVE Operation: 'Epiphany' Event, Paving the Way for EVE Online's Upcoming Expansion 1

CCP Games Unveils the EVE Operation: ‘Epiphany’ Event, Paving the Way for EVE Online’s Upcoming Expansion

Eagerly anticipated by fans and players alike, CCP Games has unveiled the latest event in the universe of EVE Online: the EVE Operation: ‘Epiphany’. This venture promises a fresh narrative twist to the spacefaring MMO, paving the path for the next substantial content expansion set to launch later this year.

Deciphering the Deathless

The event spotlights a mysterious pirate leader, The Deathless. Participants are tasked with unearthing cryptic hints that lead to hidden stargates, opening up undiscovered realms in the universe of EVE Online. Pioneers who are the first to locate each gate stand to gain not only a whopping reward of 50 billion ISK but will also cement their names in the annals of the game’s history.

Putting Players in the Driver’s Seat

Building upon a concept introduced at EVE Fanfest 2022, EVE Operations empower players—known as Capsuleers—to guide the game’s storyline. Such events spotlight player actions and triumphs, driving the overarching narrative and molding the vast universe of New Eden.

Bergur Finnbogason, CCP Games’ Creative Director, expresses his excitement: “Capsuleers lie at the heart of EVE Online. We’re continuously pushing the envelope, offering players unparalleled freedom and dominion over this expansive cosmos. EVE Operations empower them to influence not just gameplay, but the game’s very narrative, turning them into catalysts of transformation in New Eden. The thrill of uncovering an untrodden segment of space in New Eden, ripe with untouched resources and territories, awaits those who dare to unravel the enigmas of ‘Epiphany’.”

Celebrating Two Decades of EVE Online

This event coincides with the game’s 20th-anniversary festivities. EVE Fanfest 2023 promises to be the most grandiose in-person celebration CCP has ever organized. All tickets for this landmark occasion have been snapped up. Attendees and fans alike can look forward to a series of announcements, unexpected twists, and memorable moments that celebrate the community at the heart of EVE Online.

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