EVE Anywhere’s In-Browser Streaming Service to Cease Operations May 24 1

EVE Anywhere’s In-Browser Streaming Service to Cease Operations May 24

EVE Anywhere, the cloud-based platform that allowed players to play the popular space-based MMO EVE Online in their browsers, will be discontinued on May 24. The announcement was made on the EVE Online forums by CCP Zelus, a community developer for the game.

EVE Anywhere was launched in 2022 as a new way to play EVE Online, offering players the ability to access the game through their web browser, without having to download the full client. The service was initially only available in limited regions, but it was later expanded to more countries.

According to CCP Zelus, the company will continue to support EVE Anywhere up until May 24. However, players will no longer be able to make PLEX payments through the service from May 22. PLEX is a virtual currency used in EVE Online that can be used to purchase game time, items, and services.

The announcement has surprised many players, as EVE Anywhere had only been available for a year. However, CCP Zelus thanked all the players who had used the service and promised that CCP remains open to exploring new ways for players to access EVE Online in the future.

In the meantime, players can still access EVE Online through other cloud gaming services, such as NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW. Additionally, CCP is encouraging players to join the ongoing Launcher Beta to help shape its development.

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