Cheaper & Faster Mounts COming to Neverwinter 1

Cheaper & Faster Mounts COming to Neverwinter

Many systems in Neverwinter has gotten big overhauls over the years but the mount system has largely stayed the same.

Lately players have been giving feedback to the mount system, and the devs of Neverwinter has listened and implemented changes to how mounts work.

All players will now have access to two different mount speeds, Gallop at 140% and Trot at 50% (meant mostly for RP)

All mounts will also be upgradable from common to mythic, and can now equip collars for further benefits.

Prices of mounts in the Zen store has been lowered. Epic mounts that used to cost 3500 Zen are down to 1500, a pretty big discount.

In addtion the chances of getting a mount in a lockbox has been increased by 3x. And to celebrate all these new changes players can claim a free mount pack!

Read all about the mount changes on the official Neverwinter blog.

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