City of Titans' Senior Gameplay Engineer Talks Superpowers in New Interview 1

City of Titans’ Senior Gameplay Engineer Talks Superpowers in New Interview

In a new interview on the City of Titans official website, senior gameplay engineer Fred Prince give us some insight into creating the powers in the game.

Travel powers have been the focus of late on developing City of Titans it seems, and Price gives us some details on what players can expect in terms of flying, teleporting, and other methods of superhero movement.

I am working on a variety of different travel powers. Teleporting I want to make it a little more special than what we’ve seen. Wall crawling has been worked on to give it a more powerful feeling (that’s all i’m going to say for now lol ). Wall running is being worked on along with super leaping. I am also working on the overlapping of the travel powers so they all within reason flow together organically.

Combat is also touched upon in the interview but not much information is given on the subject.

Things not shown include the feel for players that do not want twitch gameplay. I am going to great lengths to make it enjoyable for all. I am also building a custom targeting solution which will aid that effort.

For more, read the full interview on the City of Titan website.

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