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Elite Dangerous Update 15: Thargoid Missions, UI Improvements, and Bug Fixes

Elite Dangerous Update 15: Thargoid Missions, UI Improvements, and Bug Fixes

Elite Dangerous has just released Update 15, and the patch notes are finally available. The update brings exciting new features, as well as fixes for various community and general issues. The new mission to restore power to settlements and retrieve data from within Thargoid-controlled territory is perhaps the most significant addition. The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser module has also been added to Outfitting and Tech Broker at all rescue ships, and it can be found stored at the Orunmilla megaship for Commanders who are entitled to one.

In terms of community issues, the team has addressed several significant concerns, including teammate navlock not working as intended and ship kits no longer resulting in caustic damage being multiplied. Furthermore, carrier jumps can no longer be accidentally scheduled by dragging or rotating the map with the mouse, and distance now correctly displays when remotely jumping your Fleet Carrier.

The update also addresses several general issues, such as Thargoid ships no longer straying too far away in AX CZs and Apex shuttles now being able to navigate effectively around binary moons. Additionally, a fix has been implemented for Commanders sometimes snapping through objects they were standing on after relogging.

The UI has also undergone several notable changes, such as multiple fleet carriers now being stackable on the system map and updated flow in outfitting when equipping a clean module to a hot ship.

While the update brings much-awaited features and addresses significant issues, several known issues remain under investigation. These include Commanders being unable to plot a route to settlements/ports through the points of interest panel and reboot missions not counting towards Jude Navarro Engineer progression.

Overall, the Update 15 release notes indicate that Elite Dangerous continues to improve and evolve, offering Commanders an ever-more immersive and engaging experience.