Guild Wars 2 Introduces Cosmetic Inspection Feature 1

Guild Wars 2 Introduces Cosmetic Inspection Feature

Guild Wars 2 has announced a new feature aimed at enhancing the player experience through cosmetic customization. Titled “Cosmetic Inspection,” this feature is set to be released on April 16 and allows players to view the cosmetic details of others’ equipment.

The feature can be accessed by right-clicking on another player’s portrait and selecting “Inspect Cosmetics,” or by using the “/inspect” chat command when targeting another player. This will display the equipped outfit, weapon, and armor appearances, including dye choices. It is important to note that this inspection tool is purely cosmetic and does not reveal the rarity or attributes of the items.

This development is part of ongoing efforts by the Guild Wars 2 Live Team to enhance the game’s usability and player interaction. Previously implemented improvements include the Legendary Armory, reintroduction of Living World Season 1, and various customization options for gameplay and visual settings.

Further technological enhancements are underway, such as the upgrade to DirectX11 which has allowed for improvements in the game’s visual and technical capabilities. The team is currently working on integrating BC7 texture compression to further enhance visual quality, particularly for new models and environments.

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