Guild Wars 2 Gives An Update On Security And Reporting 1

Guild Wars 2 Gives An Update On Security And Reporting

In a recent post on the Guild Wars 2 forums, the Arena Net team has commented on the recent discussions going on lately in the community regarding hacking, botting and security in the game.

In the post, Arena Net assures concerned players that every report is seen and that they are working on solutions to better deal with cheaters.

Every report of hacking and cheating is seen and reviewed by a member of our Guild Wars 2 Operations Team. Security is an ongoing process, especially as systems change over time, and we will be introducing further improvements to make it easier to report, identify and action cheaters over the next few months. Because a reactive approach on its own is not enough, our development teams are also working on solutions to prevent and mitigate these hacks on the code level. We hope to be able to share the result of these efforts as they progress.

The full post can be read here.

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