Heroes of Neverwinter Prepare for Precipice of War Battle Pass 1

Heroes of Neverwinter Prepare for Precipice of War Battle Pass

The streets of Menzoberranzan are a dangerous place for any adventurer, but the Heroes of Neverwinter will soon have a new tool to aid them in their quest for glory. According to a recent dev blog by Nitocris, the Precipice of War Battle Pass will provide players with a variety of rewards as they progress through the various milestones.

Starting on March 28th, players can progress the battle pass by completing random queues and participating in lockdown encounters in Menzoberranzan. Each day, players can complete various tasks for progress, including random trial or skirmish queues, random dungeon or advanced dungeon queues, and defeating Menzoberranzan lockdown patrols. Even if a player misses a day, they can still make progress on the active milestone for free and can stack up to three tasks max.

The battle pass includes three milestones, each running for five weeks, with the final milestone ending on July 11th. Players can purchase a premium battle pass for 2500 Zen to unlock the premium track for all three milestones. Premium pass holders can also still complete milestones after they’re over, and progress for premium pass holders can be done through July 18th.

The rewards for completing each milestone are extensive and include items such as Greater Stone of Health, Legendary Mount Choice Pack, and even a 72 Slot Bag. Additionally, completing the free and premium tracks for all three milestones will earn players three Coalescent Motes, two new account-wide mount or companion unlocks, and many other rewards to aid them in their future adventures.

All rewards are bound to account and can only be claimed once per account. Milestone buyouts are also available for players who want to purchase progress on a milestone they may have missed. The cost of the buyout is reduced based on how much progress the player has already made in that milestone.

The Precipice of War Battle Pass is an excellent opportunity for adventurers to bolster their abilities and take on the challenges of Menzoberranzan. With extensive rewards and multiple milestones, players will have plenty to keep them engaged in Neverwinter until the end of the pass on July 11th (or July 18th for premium pass holders).


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