Rage of Bel releases tomorrow

Neverwinter New Episode “Rage of Bel” Arrives on PC Tomorrow

The latest episode for Neverwinter “Rage of Bel” is being released tomorrow May 14th on PC.

The announcement post on the official Neverwinter site starts off by clarifying the difference between modules and episodes, explaning that episodes continue within an modules theme but advances to new locations and challanges.

If you have advanced enough in the Infernal Descent story and restored Broken Wood glyphworks you will be able to fight Bel.

Beyond the dark glyphworks lies the dangers of devil insurgencies. Stopping an insurgency is simple, defeat any devil you see until a rift appears. Once this is done, seal that rift. There is a chance you may have to fight one of Bel’s warlords, in which case you best be ready for a rough fight. Completing an insurgency will cause a new one to appear shortly after; it will also increase the Bel Rage meter.

Rewards will include new mounts, a companion, vanity pets, and a new artifact.

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