Ilysia VR MMORPG Launch Delayed as Company Ensures Data Security 1

Ilysia VR MMORPG Launch Delayed as Company Ensures Data Security

Studio, Inc has announced an update regarding the launch of its upcoming VR MMORPG, Ilysia. The game has undergone a complete architecture change, which has resulted in the need for an update to the account management system, MagePortal (MP). The update is significant enough to require users to recreate their accounts on the new system and reclaim their existing awards and keys.

Team 21 Studio takes the protection of its players’ data very seriously and wants to ensure that the migration process is secure and that no data is compromised. However, the company has encountered a snag during the validation process, which has caused the launch of Beta 1 to be delayed.

The team is working with the new host’s internal development teams to ensure that the authentication process is handled correctly and that everything is where it should be. The company understands that the delay in the launch of Beta 1 may be disappointing for players, but it is necessary to ensure that the game is launched with the best possible version.

The new launch date for Beta 1 is May 13th, 2023. The company will keep the community informed of any changes as they continue to work with their data teams. The company thanks its players for their patience and understanding as they work to bring the best possible version of Ilysia to the market.

Ilysia promises to be an exciting VR MMORPG that will offer players a thrilling adventure in a vast and immersive world. With the latest updates and improvements, the company hopes to deliver an exceptional gaming experience that players will love.

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