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Intrepid Studios Previews Mage Archetype in Latest Ashes of Creation Livestream

Intrepid Studios Previews Mage Archetype in Latest Ashes of Creation Livestream

Intrepid Studios has released their latest livestream preview of the upcoming MMORPG, Ashes of Creation, providing fans with an in-depth look at the Mage archetype in the game’s Alpha Two. The livestream, which can be viewed on YouTube, showcases various frost, electrical, and utility spells, as well as how the different spells can work together. The development team at Intrepid Studios is also actively seeking feedback from viewers on the preview.

During the livestream, viewers were given a tour of an area called the Hall of Judication and its surrounding regions. The Mage’s spellcasting abilities were put on display as the character engaged in combat with various flower-based enemies. Spells such as Lightning Strike, Chain Lightning, and Blizzard were showcased in action, demonstrating the versatility and power of the Mage archetype. Utility spells like Sleep and Blink were also highlighted, emphasizing the strategic possibilities available to players.

In a unique twist on the traditional mage gameplay, the livestream also featured the Mage wielding a greatsword, effectively transitioning into a battlemage playstyle. With a combination of powerful AOE spells and the greatsword, the Mage was able to take down groups of enemies with ease, offering a fresh take on the classic MMO archetype.

Fans of Ashes of Creation can provide their feedback on the Mage archetype preview directly to Intrepid Studios, as the development team is keen to hear players’ thoughts and suggestions for improvement. This level of transparency and openness has been a cornerstone of Intrepid Studios’ development process, allowing for a strong connection with their fan base as they work together to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience.

As anticipation for Ashes of Creation continues to build, the Mage archetype livestream offers players an exciting glimpse into the world of Verra and the unique gameplay elements that await them.