"Life is Feudal: MMO" Returns to Steam with Subscription Model and New Content 1

“Life is Feudal: MMO” Returns to Steam with Subscription Model and New Content

“Life is Feudal: MMO,” a game focused on kingdom building and PvP combat, has been re-launched on Steam by Long Tail Games (LTG). The game, which was previously discontinued in 2021, has been reintroduced with a subscription-based model, aiming to eliminate previous “pay to win” elements.

LTG has implemented several updates to improve the gameplay experience, including adjustments to professions, enhanced skills, and the integration of voice chat. The transition to a subscription model is part of these broader changes, designed to offer a more equitable playing field for all participants.

Returning players who previously purchased the game on Steam will be recognized through a loyalty program. They will receive LiF coins, which can be used towards the subscription service, along with a 30-day free trial to explore the updated game. New players are offered a one-week free trial, and current subscribers receive an additional week of subscription time.

The game’s relaunch also introduces a new map, described as smaller and designed to intensify player interactions and survival challenges. Alongside this, LTG has released a development diary discussing these changes and future plans.

Despite these enhancements, the reception on Steam has been mixed, with some users expressing skepticism about LTG’s management and concerns over recent updates and map resets.

LTG has outlined a roadmap for 2024 that includes new arenas, more game store expansions, balance restorations, and additional events, indicating ongoing development and commitment to enhancing the game.

"Life is Feudal: MMO" Returns to Steam with Subscription Model and New Content 2

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