Lost Ark Shares Roadmap for the End of 2022 1

Lost Ark Shares Roadmap for the End of 2022

Lost Ark, the popular Korean MMORPG, has released a roadmap for the game that covers the rest of 2022. The roadmap includes planned updates and events for the game, as well as some information on Lost Ark’s plans for the future. Players can expect new advanced classes, content, and raids coming in the next few months running up to 2023.

This month we will be seeing no less than three new raids and next month we will be seeing a new advanced class. The Reaper advanced class for the Assassin. In December the Summoner advanced class for the Mage will arrive along with two more raids, so were looking at an action-packed end of the year for Lost Ark players.

We can’t wait to see what Lost Ark has in store for us! Stay tuned for more Lost Ark news and updates!

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