Lost Ark July Update Brings New Adventures and Features 1

Lost Ark July Update Brings New Adventures and Features

The anticipated July Update for the popular MMO Lost Ark has officially arrived in Arkesia. The servers were down starting from 1AM PDT (8 AM UTC) on July 12th for an expected duration of four hours. This new update promises to immerse players in an array of new storylines, challenges, and events.

Elgacia Epilogue

The update kicks off with an epilogue to the Elgacia quest. This brings forth new quests and NPCs in Elgacia and allows players to revisit shared memories of their travels. Players will receive the Journey’s End Jukebox Song and a new Vairgrys Questline trigger item upon completion.

Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid

The update also introduces a new Legion Raid, the Kakul-Saydon Inferno, which tests players’ skills and tactics. The Inferno difficulty serves to filter out the best of the best in Arkesia and awards them with unique titles, achievements, and more.

Music Box of Memories

The July Update brings an ancient gadget known as the Music Box of Memories. The gadget can play ‘Memory Orbs’, a new collectible that reveals untold stories of the inhabitants of Arkesia.

Maharaka Festival

The summer event, Maharaka Festival, makes a comeback with new activities and valuable progression rewards. A special activity named “Run, Mokokos!” invites players to compete against each other, overcoming obstacles and racing to the finish line.

Gear Progression: Changes to Tier 3 Ancient Legion Commander Gear

The update brings significant changes to the Gear Progression system. The materials to craft Relic Brelshaza Gear will no longer be required; instead, players can earn Phantom Intentions for crafting Brelshaza Ancient Gear from Normal difficulty.

Progression Updates and Support

Arcturus’s Touch, a boost feature, has been extended to Kakul-Saydon and Brelshaza Normal / Hard. The Basic Honing Growth Boost will be available up to an item level of 1490.

Moko Island

Adventurers can discover Moko Island, a mysterious place spoken of by countless bards. It invites players to challenge the evil witch Babayaba and earn exciting rewards.

Store Updates

The Kimono Skin collection is now available along with Miho Mounts and Yoholing Pets. The store also features a new Festival Wallpaper.

General Updates and Bug Fixes

This update brings changes to the market/auction house restrictions, adds the Unparticipating Party Report feature, updates daily log-in rewards, and more. Several notable bugs have also been fixed for better player experience.

The Lost Ark team advises players to watch out for new Twitch Drops for more rewards. With this substantial update, Lost Ark continues to build on its immersive world and gameplay, offering players new adventures in Arkesia.

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