Neverwinter Announces the 10th Protector's Jubilee Event 1

Neverwinter Announces the 10th Protector’s Jubilee Event

Neverwinter is marking its tenth year with the return of the Protector’s Jubilee. The official announcement released today by Ambassador Kael indicates that the festivities will commence on Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 am PT and conclude on Thursday, June 22 at 7:30 am PT.

In past years, the Protector’s Jubilee has been an occasion for players to engage in special events and earn unique rewards. This year appears to be no different, with the Protector’s Garden—a popular location during the event—being opened for all visitors for the duration of the festivities.

The Jubilee promises a variety of activities. For example, Elminster, the renowned sage, will provide daily tasks such as placing decorations and spreading a celebratory atmosphere. Further, players can participate in Elminster’s Messages, traveling across various zones to deliver news to Harper agents. These quests can lead to Protector’s Figurines, an in-game currency exclusive to the Jubilee.

A significant part of the Jubilee is the Protector’s Speech Skirmish, where players are challenged to prevent disruptions during Lord Neverember’s speech to the city. Rewards for participating in this skirmish include the in-game currency Neverwinter Renown.

One key event involves escort missions where players must protect traders and merchants traveling to Neverwinter, a task critical to boosting the city’s economic growth. Successful completion of these missions awards players with the Protector’s Bounty.

The Jubilee will also introduce new items, including the Elminster Simulacrum companion, a Hand of Neverwinter mount, a Mini Minotaur vanity pet, and a Neverember’s Throne. A new fashion item, The Entangled Thread Costume Set, will also be available.

A unique aspect of the Jubilee is the inclusion of login rewards, where players are awarded based on their number of logins during the event. This includes titles, companion packs, and even 30 days of free VIP for logging in at least five days.

Several items from past events are also making a return, including the Throne of the Entwined Scales, Confetti Machination Mount, Keldegonian Explorer and Dwarven Commander Fashion Sets, and more.

In addition, the Protector’s Bounty can be redeemed for a variety of items like Volo’s Guide to Firebreathing, Jubilee Celebratory Feast, Celebratory Confetti, Anniversary Ham, and Elminster’s Lunchbox.

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