Ship of Heroes: A Recap of 2022 and a Look Ahead to 2023 Launch 1

Ship of Heroes: A Recap of 2022 and a Look Ahead to 2023 Launch

As we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome in 2023, the team at Heroic Games reflects on a year filled with progress and achievements for the upcoming superhero MMORPG, Ship of Heroes.

The team at Heroic Games spent the majority of the year focusing on writing, building, testing, and polishing new missions and features for the game.

Players can look forward to a variety of new and exciting maps, including underground tunnels, as well as new enemy groups and game mechanics. In addition, players can expect to find story mission arcs such as the Iris arc, challenge missions, task forces, and massive raids. And for those worried about being limited by the confines of a 20-mile-long ship, fear not – the game will offer plenty of opportunities to explore and discover new areas.

In the spring, the team introduced a brand new player housing system, complete with fun options and props. Over the course of two player housing betas in May and July, hundreds of players participated, providing valuable feedback that was used to further improve the system. Housing is now close to launch-ready, and players will be able to acquire their own homes as soon as they begin playing the game.

The character creator has also seen significant updates, with the number of costume options nearly doubling. Civilian items that were previously only available for NPCs are now available for players to use. Additionally, the team has created 114 preset faces for players to choose from, each of which can be completely customized.

In addition to these major updates, the team has also focused on several “quality of life” improvements, such as rebuilding the keybinding system, fine-tuning countless items and animations, correcting mouse oversensitivity, expanding gamepad controls, and upgrading NPCs.

Internally, the team at Heroic Games has also seen growth, with three new artists joining the mission creation team. These new hires, along with the upgraded tools used by the development team, have allowed for more efficient mission creation and player metrics analysis.

While a launch date has not yet been announced, the team plans to launch Ship of Heroes at the end of 2023. The Steam store page is currently in development and is expected to be made public in the first half of 2023. In the meantime, players interested in beta-testing the game under a non-disclosure agreement can keep an eye out for registration in the first quarter of the year. As always, the team at Heroic Games values player feedback and encourages players to share their thoughts on the forums and in polls.

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