Tarisland Introduces the Bard Class 1

Tarisland Introduces the Bard Class

Over on the Tarisland website, the developers of the upcoming MMO have previewed the Bard, a class that combines musical prowess with magical abilities. These characters draw inspiration from elven bards, distinguished by their connection to nature and mystical talents. The Bards in Tarisland are designed to offer players a multifaceted gaming experience, contributing to both combat and support roles through their unique abilities.

The Role of Bards in Combat

Bards are portrayed as more than just performers; their music carries the power to influence the battlefield. With abilities that range from causing sonic booms to healing allies, Bards utilize their music to sway the course of battle. This class is presented as having a magical connection to music that is distinct from traditional magic, adding a layer of intrigue to their backstory.

Solo Specialization: Offensive and Supportive Melodies

The Solo specialization for Bards focuses on individual prowess, allowing players to deliver significant damage or support allies through music. This specialization features skills like Zealous Melody and Sonic Boom for attacking, and Wild Sonata for boosting combat effectiveness. The Chord Note mechanic introduces a strategic element, where players collect musical notes to enhance their abilities, offering a dynamic gameplay experience.

Harmony Specialization: Focused on Healing and Protection

For players interested in a supportive role, the Harmony specialization emphasizes healing and protecting allies. Skills such as Melody of Hope and Song of Life showcase the Bard’s ability to sustain and shield their team. The introduction of Rhythmic Energy as a class mechanic requires thoughtful management to maximize the effectiveness of healing and protective skills, providing a strategic depth to gameplay.

Ongoing Development and Community Engagement

The creators of Tarisland are committed to further developing the game and engaging with the player community. They encourage feedback and participation through various online platforms, promising future updates and more detailed information about the game’s world and mechanics.

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