The Elder Scrolls Online Expands with the Introduction of West Weald in Gold Road Chapter 1

The Elder Scrolls Online Expands with the Introduction of West Weald in Gold Road Chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release its latest expansion, the Gold Road Chapter, which introduces the new zone of West Weald.

West Weald is located in a prosperous Imperial region, divided into three distinct areas: the Gold Road, the Colovian Highlands, and Dawnwood. The region is overseen by Count Calantius, who has kept the area relatively peaceful despite broader regional conflicts. However, recent developments have introduced new threats and mysteries to the region.

According to Ed Stark, Zone Lead for Gold Road, the primary concern in West Weald is the sudden appearance of “Mirrormoor Incursions.” These events involve unknown Daedric forces and have caught the local population unprepared. Additionally, the appearance of a mysterious jungle known as Dawnwood has brought Wood Elves into the area, leading to significant ecological and social changes.

Players can explore a range of new locations in West Weald, including six new Delves, two Public Dungeons, and six World Bosses. The area also features a new Trial for players seeking group challenges. The quests available in West Weald will cover various aspects of Colovian and Wood Elf societies.

For those facing the dangers of West Weald, the rewards are substantial. There are ten new item sets to discover, including the Threads of War, which enhance combat capabilities. Players can also find three new Mythic items and various collectibles, such as style pages and a new mount, the Wildburn Lynx, awarded for completing specific achievements in the zone.

Kira Schlitt, Project Lead, introduced a new feature called Skill Styles. This feature allows players to alter the visual appearance of their skills, adding a layer of customization to the game. These Skill Styles can be obtained through various activities in West Weald, including a new questline and daily quests.

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