Albion Online Announces Upcoming "Foundations" Update Featuring New Fortifications and Daily Reward Chests 1

Albion Online Announces Upcoming “Foundations” Update Featuring New Fortifications and Daily Reward Chests

In a recent Dev Talk, Albion Online’s Game Director, Robin Henkys, unveiled the game’s next significant update, titled “Foundations.” This announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of the Crystal Raiders update earlier this year, which introduced Territory Raiding, a revamped Conqueror’s Challenge, and the much-coveted Crystal Weapons.

The Foundations update is set to bring several new features and improvements to the game, with a particular focus on enhancing guild territories and offering more strategic depth to guild conflicts.

Fortifications: A New Defense Mechanism

One of the highlight features of the Foundations update is the introduction of Fortifications. This new territory feature allows guilds to construct and upgrade fortified walls and gates, providing a robust defense mechanism against attackers. The introduction of Fortifications is aimed at balancing the playing field, especially for smaller guilds that may find it challenging to defend against Territory Raiding.

Key aspects of the Fortifications feature include:

  • The ability for guilds to build and improve walls and gates in their territories.
  • Higher tiers of Fortifications that are more challenging for attackers to breach.
  • Upgradable Territory Guards with new abilities to bolster defenses.

The strategic implications of Fortifications are significant, requiring guilds to make thoughtful decisions about upgrading their defenses. Additionally, the feature is expected to stimulate Albion’s stone economy and introduce new dynamics to territory battles and raids.

Daily Reward Chests: Encouraging Active Defense

To further incentivize guilds to fortify and defend their territories, the Foundations update will introduce Daily Reward Chests. The contents of these chests will depend on player activity within the territory and its surrounding areas. This feature aims to encourage guilds to maintain an active presence in their territories and protect players engaged in PvE activities nearby.

Additional Features and Future Plans

The Foundations update is also set to include:

  • A new batch of Crystal Weapons.
  • A highly anticipated Spectator Mode, enabling players to watch Custom Matches and facilitating community-organized tournaments.

Robin Henkys emphasized that the team would continue refining the Raiding and Fortifications mechanics and developing new Crystal Weapons. Additionally, the team is committed to improving existing game features based on player feedback.

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