Runes of Magic Celebrates 15 Years with Special Anniversary Events 1

Runes of Magic Celebrates 15 Years with Special Anniversary Events

Taborea, the mystical world of Runes of Magic, is commemorating its 15th anniversary with a series of events starting March 1st, announced by Gameforge. This celebration marks a significant milestone for the MMORPG, recognizing a decade and a half of adventures and community.

Anniversary Events Kick Off

To celebrate this milestone, Gameforge has unveiled a packed calendar of events aimed at rewarding the game’s loyal players. These events range from special in-game boosts to unique item drops, providing players with numerous opportunities to enhance their gaming experience.

Necropolis of Mirrors Events

The festivities begin with the “Necropolis of Mirrors” event, scheduled from March 1st to 14th, where players can obtain double the usual amount of Pants from the Chest of Mirrors. This is followed by a harder version of the event from March 15th to 27th, offering players the chance to acquire Lakishna’s Earrings from the Chest of Mirrors.

Boost Event

A notable highlight is the Boost Event running from March 18th to 24th, designed to significantly increase players’ experience, talent points, and drop rates. The event promises a 450% boost in both experience and talent points, along with a 300% increase in drop rates.

Exchange NPCs and Daily Gifts

From March 14th to 21st, NPCs such as Owenstein will appear in the game, offering players the chance to exchange coins for various rewards, tailored to their gameplay level and preferences. Additionally, daily coins for exchanges will be provided, ensuring players have ample opportunities to obtain special items.

Custom Drops and Login Rewards

Throughout the anniversary events, players will also enjoy custom drops across various locations in Taborea, along with a login event from March 12th to 19th, ensuring daily gifts for those who log into the game. This initiative aims to reward players’ commitment and enhance their engagement with the game.

Upcoming Creative Board Event

Gameforge also teased an upcoming creative board event, promising more rewards and engaging activities for the community. Details remain sparse, but anticipation is building for what’s described as a highlight of the anniversary celebrations.

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