Albion Online Launches New "Albion Europe" Server 1

Albion Online Launches New “Albion Europe” Server

The “Albion Europe” server is now available to players in the Europe and MENA regions, offering a new starting point and improved ping times for the popular MMO, Albion Online. The server’s introduction includes various measures to enhance player experience, such as a temporarily reduced world size and specific marketplace modifications. More information on these adjustments can be found on Albion’s official forum.

The launch of the server is accompanied by a musical contribution from Austrian power metal band Dragony. The group has released “The Untold Story,” a track inspired by the game, complete with a music video shot within the game environment. This song aims to capture and celebrate the adventurous essence of Albion Online.

Additionally, a special Twitch Drop campaign is being held in conjunction with the server launch, continuing until May 8. Participants can earn a Brown Alpaca mount skin by watching streams from approved members of the Albion Online Creators Program for a minimum of 15 hours. Those who already possess the mount can exchange the new one for Community Tokens, applicable towards other in-game items.

Season 23 of the Guild Season begins on May 4 on Albion Europe. The first territory invasions will be broadcast live on AlbionTV, with commentary from hosts Robinhoodrs, Shozen, and Bogul. This event is expected to showcase early competitive efforts by guilds to establish territories in the new server setting.

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