Albion Online's Wild Blood Update Brings Major Overhauls to Personal Islands and Farming 1

Albion Online’s Wild Blood Update Brings Major Overhauls to Personal Islands and Farming

As the Wild Blood update approaches its release date of October 16, Albion Online’s team has given us a sneak peek at some major features coming to the game. Game Director Robin Henkys and Environment Artist Johannes Geier led a Dev Talk recently, shedding light on comprehensive improvements to personal islands and farming mechanics.

Personal Island Biomes Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

With the upcoming Wild Blood update, each personal island will now belong to a distinct biome, visually reflecting its host city. The developers’ goals include:

  • Offering players a visually rich island experience.
  • Ensuring islands feel secluded yet thematically tied to their respective cities.

Below are the visual themes for islands linked to each city:

  • Martlock: Picture rolling hills, meadows, cliffs, and waterfalls.
  • Lymhurst: Imagine a thick, lush forest with a serene stream.
  • Bridgewatch: Visualize an oasis, complete with warm, shallow waters and palm trees.
  • Fort Sterling: Think of peaceful, snow-capped mountains.
  • Thetford: Envision sunken ruins, overgrown trees, and emerald waters.
  • Caerleon: Expect a rough, rocky, bandit-infested terrain.

Farming Gets a Productive Boost

Alongside the visual upgrades, the Wild Blood update will also introduce new farming bonuses aimed at making agriculture more engaging and productive. Key changes include:

  • Specific crops will grow more effectively on each island.
  • Certain animals will provide increased yields when butchered on their optimal islands.
  • Every animal will now have a favorite food, accelerating its growth when fed accordingly.

These dynamic bonuses are designed to encourage trade between players and add a strategic layer to farming, allowing for more intricate planning regarding crop and animal cultivation, as well as resource transportation.

More Flexibility and Options for Players

Players will have the unique opportunity to relocate their existing islands once until the Wild Blood update officially rolls out. For further details on how to do this and which bonuses will apply to each island, you can check out the official forum post.

Moreover, upon the release of the Wild Blood update, players will be able to own multiple personal islands—one for each city. This new feature sets the stage for players to potentially build a trans-continental farming empire in Albion Online.

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