Alganon Share Update on Game Progress and Improvements 1

Alganon Share Update on Game Progress and Improvements

An update on the Alganon’s progress towards re-release has been posted on the Alganon news hub, and while it may be full of boring technical details, it’s all in the name of improving the gameplay experience. In a blog post titled “Boring Update Vol 1,” the game’s owner shares what’s been happening behind the scenes since the last update in August 2022.

One of the major projects has been updating the game’s code base, which was developed with a legacy version of Visual Studio and other outdated tools. This work is crucial for the long-term success of Alganon, and while it may not bring any new features or bug fixes yet, it sets the stage for future improvements.

Another major undertaking has been moving the game’s servers to a new data center, a process that was not without its challenges. The team encountered power issues, compatibility problems, and other obstacles along the way, but with the help of a dedicated team and TTP, everything eventually fell into place.

Despite all the technical hurdles, Alganon is now back up and running internally, and players can access their account details via the MyAlganon web portal. The team’s long-term goal is to continue making minor updates to the backend and client, improving graphics and art assets, and eventually releasing a new expansion pack with all the bells and whistles.

While the game’s owner isn’t ready to share a timeline for these updates just yet, they have created a 20-minute narrated video showcasing the game’s features and progress. In addition, the game now has a dedicated Discord channel where players can stay up-to-date on the latest news and provide feedback.

So while it may not be the most exciting news, the progress being made on Alganon is a testament to the dedication of its owner and the passion of its fans. Keep an eye out for future updates and get ready to dive back into the world of Alganon when it’s finally ready for a re-release.

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