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Albion East is Open for Business!

Albion East is Open for Business!

Albion Online players have been eagerly anticipating the opening of the new server, and the wait is finally over! As of March 20th, Albion East is officially open to all players, following a successful Closed Beta phase and early access for Founder Pack owners.

The Singapore-based server is a completely fresh version of Albion, with players gathering, crafting, building the economy, and progressing their characters in the Royal Continent and Outlands. This momentous occasion is expected to attract a large influx of players to the game, as they compete to form guilds and gain Fame.

To maintain competitiveness and density of players, Albion East will initially have a reduced world size compared to Albion West. However, as the player base grows, more regions will be opened up and its development will be constantly observed.

To help new players get off to a good start, a limited-time Starter Bundle offer is available, featuring the popular Knight Adventurer Vanity Bundle, 7 days of Premium Status, and 50 Gold. This deal can be purchased in the Albion Online Web Shop, ingame store, Steam client, and Google Play, and can be claimed on either Albion East or Albion West.

To celebrate the launch of Albion East, a special Twitch Drop campaign is also running from March 15-29, with exclusive chests containing brand-new items. Daily campaigns will be available, giving players the chance to earn chests each day by watching any participating channel.