Ashes of Creation Announces Conclusion of Pre-Order Packs in Preparation for Alpha Two and Beta Testing 1

Ashes of Creation Announces Conclusion of Pre-Order Packs in Preparation for Alpha Two and Beta Testing

In a recent announcement from the Ashes of Creation team, players are informed that all pre-order packs, including exclusive cosmetic items, will be retired as the game approaches the Alpha Two and Beta testing phases. This decision is aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for the community and supporting the admission of additional testers as the MMORPG progresses toward its full potential.

The pre-order packs, designed to allow players to support the project and collect exclusive cosmetic appearances, are set to conclude as the development team gears up for crucial testing phases. This move aligns with the commitment to maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for pay-to-win elements, ensuring a glorious gaming experience for those who have dedicated themselves to making Ashes of Creation a remarkable MMORPG.

The decision to discontinue pre-order packs reflects the development team’s gratitude for the ongoing support and dedication of the player community. As the project evolves, the team aims to create an inclusive and immersive world within Verra, and the conclusion of pre-order packs marks a transition towards the next phases of testing.

With the retirement of pre-order packs, the focus shifts to the upcoming Alpha Two and Beta testing periods. The team emphasizes its commitment to keeping the community updated through various communication channels as more opportunities arise for players to access these testing phases.

The Frequently Asked Questions section sheds light on the rationale behind ending pre-order packs. The developers clarify that this move is part of a strategic approach to ensure the best possible gaming experience for players as the MMORPG heads towards Alpha Two and Beta testing. The commitment to zero-tolerance for pay-to-win elements remains a cornerstone of this decision.

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