Ashes of Creation Updates Nighttime Settings and Mage Features in New Alpha Preview 1

Ashes of Creation Updates Nighttime Settings and Mage Features in New Alpha Preview

Intrepid Studios has released a new video update for Ashes of Creation, showcasing several enhancements in their upcoming Alpha release. The “Alpha Two Midnight Magic Preview” video highlights improvements to the nighttime visuals, mage abilities, and the wand weapon skill tree, giving players a closer look at the evolving dynamics in the game’s environment of Vera.

The video was set in the Sand Squall Desert, a change from the usual Riverlands setting. One significant technical enhancement discussed was the update to the Skybox with the introduction of a cube map that allows for realistic rotation, mirroring the planet’s rotation. This change aims to enhance the sky’s interaction with various in-game systems, such as the constellation system, and adds depth to the visual experience.

The presentation also covered the revamped weapon skill tree for wands, led by Senior Combat Designer Brian Ferguson. This update allows players to customize their weapon combos and finisher attacks, offering a more personalized combat experience. The system integrates deeply with the class abilities, allowing players to tailor their gameplay according to their strategic preferences.

Lighting improvements were a focal point of the update, with the team addressing community feedback by creating a darker, more immersive nighttime environment. These changes are intended to enhance the game’s atmosphere while maintaining sufficient visibility for gameplay. The lighting team is also working on updates to the daytime lighting, which are expected to further improve the game’s visual appeal.

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