Ashes of Creation Alpha Two Unveils Dynamic Questing System 1

Ashes of Creation Alpha Two Unveils Dynamic Questing System

In a recent livestream from the Ashes of Creation team, viewers were treated to an in-depth look at the Alpha Two phase of the game, specifically focusing on the unique approach to questing within the world of Vera. The stream featured insights from key developers, including senior designers on the narrative side, Scott and Tony, alongside engineer Tyler, who together unveiled the intricacies of the game’s commission system and its integration into the daily gameplay loop.

Ashes of Creation is setting itself apart by reimagining the traditional MMO questing experience. Instead of the usual fetch and kill quests, the game introduces a dynamic commission board system. Every node in the game has multiple commission boards, depending on the service buildings present. These boards offer players a variety of single-objective quests or “commissions” that not only provide a quick way to engage with the world and progress both character and node but also serve as a starting point for deeper, more complex story arcs.

The commissions refresh every 30 minutes, presenting new opportunities and challenges for players. They vary in rarity and reward, influenced by how players choose to develop their nodes. This system encourages community involvement, as the commissions available at a node are the same for all players, promoting cooperative gameplay.

Beyond the bite-sized commissions, the stream delved into side quests and events that trigger based on player actions, further enriching the world’s narrative and dynamic. An example provided was the “Pale Hornless Minotaur” side quest, showcasing how such quests can lead to extensive quest chains and connect to larger stories within the game.

The developers emphasized the game’s focus on player agency and its impact on the game world. The actions players take through questing can lead to significant changes in the environment, such as weather changes, which in turn can influence the types of quests and events that become available. This system creates a living, breathing world where player choices have real, visible consequences.

The livestream showcased the game’s commitment to a dynamic and evolving quest system, where standard MMO questing mechanics are enhanced by deep integration with the game’s world-building and narrative progression. Through commissions, side quests, and player-driven events, Ashes of Creation is promising an MMO experience where the journey is as impactful and varied as the destination.

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