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10 Best Hunter Transmog sets

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets

No matter if you choose to hunt your foes with the aid of your pets as a Beast Master, attack from afar with Marksmanship or up close with Survival, you will probably going to want to do so in style.

These are the 10 best hunter transmogs sets picked by the MMOCULT crew.

We have only selected whole sets, but transmog can and should of course be mixed and matched for the best results! They are in no particular order.

Eagletalon Battlegear

The colors on the Eagletalon Battlegear really stands out. The Normal version’s vibrant green and gold is my personal favorite for hunters, but the Heroic version looks great as well, especially for horde characters.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 1

Wildstalker Armor / Cruel Gladiator’s Chain Armor

What’s not to like here? Skulls, teeth and eye looking at you from all directions!

This set is an updated version of the Gronnstalker’s Armor from Black Temple.

Out of all the variations, the Mythic one is my least favorite but that’s just a matter of taste.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 2

Battlegear of the Savage Hunt / Warmongering Gladiator’s Chain Armor / Wild Gladiator’s Chain Armor

This set is fantastic looking if you want something that is not totally over the top, but more of a casual adventurer type look.

Battlegear of the Savage Hunt (Normal) has some great green tones fitting of any hunter.

Wild Gladiator’s Chain Armor is blue and fits well with alliance characters and looks especially good on Dwarves.

And the Warmongering Gladiator’s Chain Armor is red and more suited for the Horde.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 3

Cruel Combatant’s Chain Armor

It’s the lack of color that makes this set stand out as there aren’t too many black sets.

It almost give of a Batman vibe, and could certainly be used to make a Batman mog.

The red gems are also a nice detail.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 4

Wyrmstalker Battlegear

This set features on of my all time favorite hunter helmets and some great shoulders.

All variants of the set look cool as well.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 5

Valorous Scourgestalker Battlegear

This is a seriously cool set for Undead Hunters, but it looks a lot worse on some other races.

The 25 Player version has a very Lich Kingy feel about it and has plenty of good ice effect weapons to go with it.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 6

Giantstalker Armor

This set is what comes to mind in a lot of peoples heads when thinking of hunters in WoW.

All these years later and the Giantstalker Armor still holds it’s own. Sure the textures are a bit outdated but all in all it still looks great, especially the helm and shoulders.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 7

Battlegear of the Unblinking Vigil

This is certainly a unique set, and it’s probably not for everyone, and while it looks weird on some races, we think it looks pretty cool on Gnome hunters.

All versions of the set a decent but the gold in the mythic version really pops, and the blue light is very eye catching. Great details with the little beams of light emitting from the eye and the shoulders.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 8

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Chain Armor

This is a set with some very cool details. From the arrows, to the feathers and teeth to the little horn on the belt.

This is a good transmog set for Taurens if you ask us!

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 9

Fierce Combatant’s Chain Armor

This set is not great on every race, but it does look amazing on Blood Elf hunters.

The yellow gold details are great, with the shoulders, belt and cloak being especially nice.

10 Best Hunter Transmog sets 10

That’s it for the list of the best Hunter transmog sets. Let us know what your favorite Hunter transmog set or items are in the comments below!