Wow Best Mage Transmog Sets

10 Best Mage Transmog sets

Looking for the perfect transmog set to showcase your mage skills? Look no further than our list of the 10 best Mage transmog sets in World of Warcraft!

Featuring a wide variety of styles and looks, these sets offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a regal, elegant aesthetic or a bold and daring style.

Mages are a popular class in World of Warcraft, known for their powerful spells and sharp wits. Mages are masters of Frost, Fire, and the Arcane, using powerful spells to vanquish their enemies on the battlefield. Transmog sets are a great way for mages to express their unique style while still staying true to their class.

From sleek and elegant sets that exude grace and refinement, to bold, daring looks that make a statement, there’s something for everyone on our list.

These are the 10 best Mage transmogs sets picked by the MMORPG.GG crew.

We have only selected whole sets, but transmog can and should of course be mixed and matched for the best results! They are in no particular order.

10. Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra

How To Get It: Throne of Thunder

Match With: Staff of the Grand Imperator, Poxstorm, Longsword of Pestilence

Race Choice: Pandaren

Being a MoP era set, this makes a good look for Pandaren mages. Personally, I actually prefer the Raid Finder colors as they pop a bit more.

The normal version also looks pretty cool, especially on Undead mages.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 1
The helmet and shoulders on this set are amazing!

9. Runebound Regalia

How To Get It: Antorus, the Burning Throne

Match With: Aluneth, Phoenixfire Staff, Enchanted Shao-Tien Saber

Race Choice: Human, Night Elf, Pandaren, or Void Elf

This set has a very classic Mage look about it but updated.

So many great details from the flowing runes on the gloves, to the scrolls on the belt.

The heroic version is great in its own right for a bit of a darker mage look, but the Mythic version is where it’s at.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 2
The Runebound Regalia is a very detailed set.

8. Firelord’s Vestments

How To Get It:

Match With: Kumui’s Crystalline Staff of Wizardry, Ti’tahk, the Steps of Time

Race Choice: Undead

Firelord’s Vestments is another great set for Undead mages.

There are plenty of weapon choices to go with this set as well.

Both variants look great. Normal for Frost. Heroic for Fire.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 3
Firelord’s Vestments look amazing on Undead Mages.

7. Regalia of Everburning Knowledge

How To Get It: The Nighthold

Match With: Edict of Argus

Race Choice: Nightborne

Another set that looks awesome in every variant, and it looks good on almost every race.

The set looks especially good on Blood Elves, Night Elves, and of course Nightborne.

The scrolls are an amazing detail, and the color combinations between the cloth and the metal look fantastic.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 4
Regalia of Everburning Knowledge is a great set for Nightborne Mages.

6. Time Lord’s Regalia

How To Get It: Dragon Soul

Match With: Aluneth

Race Choice: Gnome or Mechagnome

Spinning cogs and crazy glowing goggles, this is the set for your Gnome or Mechagnome Mage.

Plenty of fun weapon choices as well like the Reclaimed Shock Coil shown below.

Also looks good with the Legion Mage Artifact, Aluneth.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 5
Time Lord’s Regalia is a perfect gnome set for a Mage.

5. Raiment of the Arcanic Conclave

How To Get It: Hellfire Citadel

Match With: Wild Gladiator’s Battle Staff, Kamui’s Crystalline Staff of Wizardry

Race Choice: Blood Elf or Nightborne

This is a great set if you are a Horde or Alliance loyalist Mage. The normal version with its blue cloth will look great on Humans, Night Elves, or other members of the Alliance, while the heroic one has a distinct Blood Elf look and will look great on members of the horde.

The set also look great with a lot of different Mage weapons, like the Wild Gladiator’s Battle Staff below.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 6
Raiment of the Arcanic Conclave (Heroic Version)

4. Regalia of the Burning Scroll

How To Get It: Heart of Fear

Match With: Aluneth, Greathstaff of the Magna, Doubt Tinged Longsword

Race Choice: Human, Pandaren, Nightborne

The scrolls on the shoulders for a Mage look amazing, and the minimalistic headpiece is also great.

All color variants of this set are good and have a bunch of matching weapons to go with them.

The heroic version is a perfect match with the Legion artifact Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 7
The Regalia of the Burning Scroll has a great head and shoulder piece.

3. Felfume Raiment / Warmongering / Wild Combatant’s Silk Armor

How To Get It: Hellfire Citadel

Match With: Bite of the Bleeding Hollow, Blackhand Doomstaff, Fang of the Pit

Race Choice: Undead

This is an amazing set for Undead Mages with an amazing color combo for a bit of a darker Mage look.

All color variants are great but the green goes well with many different mage weapons.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 8
The Felfume Raiment is perfect for Undead Mages.

2. Tempest Garb

How To Get It: Sunwell Plateau

Match With: Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei, Alimony

Race Choice: Blood Elf

The set if you want the classic Blood Elf look from the Burning Crusade.

As an older set this really still holds up with an amazing silhouette and great vibrant colors.

Top the look off with the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei from Kil’Jaeden in Sunwell Plateau.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 9
Tempest Garb will give you that TBC Blood Elf look.

1. Regalia of the Arcane Tempest

How To Get It: Tomb of Sargeras

Match With: Felo’melorn, Spectral Censorite’s Staff, Maledict Opus

Race Choice: Human, Blood Elf, or Lightforged Draenei

The Mythic version is amazing. The normal one is decent too and has a kind of updated classic look about it, but it’s nowhere near the Mythic one.

The colors and effects are so good and match a lot of cool weapon transmogs. It has a regal look about it and fits well on Human mages.

10 Best Mage Transmog sets 10
Regalia of the Arcane Tempest has a truly regal look.

That’s it – our list of the 10 best mage transmog sets in World of Warcraft! Whether you’re a new or experienced player, we hope you find the perfect set to suit your style. Happy hunting!

Let us know what your favorite Mage transmog set or items are in the comments below!

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