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13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft

Going out would be an idea, but real-life has nasty mechanics such as permadeath if you stand in the fire for too long and almost everything is pay-to-win. So, the only choice is a new game to take your mind off Blizzard’s behemoth MMORPG.

Finding a worthy replacement is not easy because, whether you like it or not, there are many things World of Warcraft does right. On top of that, calling it addictive is an understatement. However, fret not, because several MMOs out there could give World of Warcraft a run for its money.

Final Fantasy XIV

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 2

Let’s not beat around the bush. PvP and anime are the only two things that might discourage an ex-WoW player from giving Final Fantasy XIV a try. No MMORPG is flawless and that is obvious when we look at FFXIV’s PvP system.

This game shines at PvE, player housing, crafting, community, you name it. If PvP is not a big deal, you will have a wonderful time in Eorzea. There is so much content and so many ways to play the game. You can have all classes on one character. You can play as a fisherman. The main story is captivating, the soundtrack is amazing, and the side quests are just too funny to pass.

Elder Scrolls Online

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 3

Elder Scrolls Online is a great choice if you’re in the market for a lore-rich MMORPG. The game is based on The Elder Scrolls franchise and that says it all.

The MMO expands the stories from the single-player games and allows players to adventure into iconic TES areas. And yes, there is an expansion that takes place in Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Online has action combat and a versatile character system. It has an ambitious PvP system which is totally optional if you are not into ganking your fellow gamer. Most players would agree that the game is PvE-centered. Graphics-wise, this is one of the best-looking MMOs.


13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 4

Just like Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter is based on a famous RPG. It’s the world of Dungeons & Dragons made into a casual MMO.

If you’re into discovering the game world through quests and stories, you couldn’t have asked for more.

The action combat is not too bad either. Players will time their abilities to deal damage and to escape powerful attacks. The raids are fun and they only require 10 people so it doesn’t take long to find a party. The graphics are just gorgeous. Each game zone is beautifully crafted.

Read our full Neverwinter Review here.


13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 5

Back in 2011, Rift was marketed as a WoW-killer. It failed to hit that target but it wasn’t a complete miss. Ten years and a business model change later, Rift is a worthy World of Warcraft alternative.

The gameplay is very similar to WoW’s. The developers have stopped adding content but there are plenty of things to do for PvE and PvP fans. Rift didn’t become the MMO phenomenon Trion had hoped, but it gained a loyal player base that is active to the day. The graphics passed the test of time. Rift has great visuals and an immersive fantasy atmosphere complete with one of the best MMO player-housing systems.

Guild Wars 2

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 6

Come for the looks, stay for the gameplay and the looks because the world of Guild Wars 2 is breathtaking. It’s an open map that invites you to explore and discover.

Dynamic events reveal more about the world of Tyria. Characters follow their personal story that is told through quests.

Guild Wars 2 is famous for its World versus World system that mixes PvE with PvP. Smaller-scale PvP activities include classic scenarios such as Deathmatch and Conquest. We also have PvE content in the form of dungeons and raids. A new expansion is in the works and this is a clear sign that the game is thriving.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 7

Yes, you can make your character look like Darth Maul. Yes, you can use lightsabers. Now that you’ve found out the important stuff, let’s talk about the other features too. Star Wars: The Old Republic is the ultimate single-player friendly multiplayer experience for a Star Wars fan.

The MMORPG can be played in solo mode. You’ll have plenty of fun just by following the story. All the quests are voice-acted. Flashpoints (dungeons) have a story mode that doesn’t require a party. If you do decide to play with others, you’ll find an active and friendly community.

Path of Exile

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 8

Who said that a WoW alternative must be an MMORPG? Path of Exile is a multiplayer ARPG that will grab your attention for many hours.

It’s a complex game but you will have fun figuring it out. It helps if you have a buddy playing the game. The learning curve can be quite steep depending on which class you play.

Path of Exile developers dishes out expansions once every few months. They call them leagues. Each league brings something new. Thanks to these regular updates, your interest in the game won’t fade out too soon.

Allods Online

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 9

Allods Online is a blatant copy of World of Warcraft. From graphics to gameplay, the Allods Team wasn’t afraid to take inspiration from the famous MMORPG.

However, the developers put their unique twist on the class system and it didn’t work out too bad. A class is a combination between a race and an archetype. This results in more than 20 unique classes.

Allods Online has other non-specific WoW features such as mini-games and mount management. The content is fun and casual. The game is known as a WoW-clone but give it a chance and you will discover that it’s more than that.

Albion Online

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 10

Albion Online is different from WoW in many aspects and that’s what makes a great alternative. First of all, it has an isometric perspective compared to WoW’s 3D view.

Secondly, it’s a sandbox game and not a theme park.

Thirdly, it has a classless character system based on equipment. Albion Online is a crafter’s dream come true. Most of the items in the game are created by the players who are also running the economy. You can become a tradesman, a farmer, a PvPer, or you can hunt monsters in PvE instances.

Return of Reckoning

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 11

The problem with most World of Warcraft alternatives is that they don’t offer much in terms of PvP. Return of Reckoning comes to fix this problem. This is the private server that keeps the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning flame alive.

The people behind the project are building on the original game with unique content, regular events, and new features. With large-scale scenarios such as Realm versus Realm, Warhammer Online was one of the most hardcore PvP games. Thanks to Return of Reckoning, you have the chance to see the famous RvR gameplay for yourself.

Blade and Soul

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 12

Tons of content and no pay-to-win mechanics, what more can you want from a free-to-play MMORPG? Graphics maybe? You got it. Blade and Soul shipped with great graphics and thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 update now it looks even better.

This game has enough activities to keep any content-thirsty player engaged for a long time. Story-driven quests, dungeons, raids, PvP, there is something to satisfy all tastes. The character system has a generous selection of 13 classes and none of them is a premium option. In fact, all the content is available for free.

RuneScape/Old School RuneScape

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 13

RuneScape has some of the best MMORPG quests. The NPCs are memorable and the story is captivating.

It has a flexible character system based on three combat styles (melee, ranged, magic) and almost 30 unique skills.

If graphics are not a big deal to you, consider Old School RuneScape for a change. Just like in the old days, OSRS is slow-paced and hardcore. It’s also community-driven as new features and updates make their way into the game only if they pass the players’ vote. Both games have a loyal player base that’s not planning on quitting any time soon.

New World

13 Great Alternatives To World of Warcraft 14

If you haven’t heard of New World, then you must have truly been living under a rock for the last couple of months. Amazon Games Studio’s flagship MMO has attracted a huge amount of players, many of them being WoW refugees.

As far as MMOs go, the difference between World of Warcraft and New World is pretty big, but the core elements remain the same. Kill mobs or other players and get loot.

If you are looking for an MMO with both PvE and PvP content, with a solid crafting system then New World might be right up your alley.

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  1. This list is actually pretty good. Looked through ALOT of lists like this and they had very irrelevant games. This list actually has Rift and Allods. ACTUAL WOW LIKE GAMES. Impressed. Now to install Allods for the 10th time in my life.

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