Dauntless Celebrates Four Years in the Shattered Isles 1

Dauntless Celebrates Four Years in the Shattered Isles

Dauntless is marking its fourth anniversary with the introduction of Patch 1.14.1, featuring exciting new content, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes.

Celebrating the Journey

Four years ago, Dauntless Slayers across various platforms joined hands to battle the monstrous Behemoth threat. Since then, players have witnessed the evolution of the game with 42 different Behemoths emerging in the Shattered Isles, each possessing unique attacks and abilities. To combat this, Slayers have developed an impressive arsenal of over 230 unique weapons. The developers teased that they are working on exciting surprises that will add more excitement to the Shattered Isles.

Anniversary: The Last Slayer’s Hope

In honour of the First Slayer, Patch 1.14.1 presents a unique questline that involves confronting the original eight Behemoth species and reliving the legendary battle against both Shrowd and Rezakiri in the First Slayer’s Legacy event hunt. Completing all these missions will unlock an even more challenging encounter: Last Slayer’s Hope.

Brave Slayers can earn the fiery Firelight sword skin and the new Firelight crown, which is only available to the most formidable players from the Last Slayer’s Hope encounter. This event, however, requires unlocking the Slayer’s Path Milestone V: Light the Way and is available from May 18 – June 1.

Anniversary Sales, Double XP and Bonus Bounties

The anniversary event also brings an enticing sale, offering 30% off on featured weapon transmogs until June 1. Slayers can also benefit from back-to-back bonus weekends, with double XP offered from May 18 – May 21 and an extra bounty token for each bounty completed from May 25 – May 28.

Moreover, five repeatable event quests are available during the anniversary event, with rewards ranging from combat merits to bounty tokens.

Balance and Bug Fixes

Patch 1.14.1 also brings balance changes to the Aether Strikers, adjusting the bonus attack speed granted by The Golden Claws at 25% health, down from 30% health. The patch also resolves a bug related to the Golden Claws’ attack speed buff.

In Ramsgate, the Bosun’s position has been changed for better accessibility. The user interface has also been tweaked, correcting some scaling issues on various screens.

Overall, Dauntless’ anniversary and Patch 1.14.1 promise exciting gameplay experiences, rewarding encounters, and enticing offers, all part of the game’s commitment to keep evolving and delivering content that satisfies its dedicated Slayer community.

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