RuneScape Gears Up for Necromancy Gameplay Debut 1

RuneScape Gears Up for Necromancy Gameplay Debut

RuneScape has recently announced several critical game updates that are guaranteed to keep players at the edge of their seats. Of utmost interest to many is the imminent Necromancy reveal and the Max Cash Dev Update.

First Look at Necromancy

With just over a week remaining for the official unveiling of Necromancy gameplay, anticipation is rising among RuneScape fans worldwide. An exclusive preview video of Necromacy will be premiered on May 30th. It promises to provide an in-depth look at the new skill, including invaluable insider insights from RuneScape creators who got to try their hands at it even before its official launch.

In an unprecedented move, RuneScape invited a group of players to the studio to experience Necromancy gameplay firsthand. These creators provided invaluable feedback to the developers, which will guide the final stages of its development. This hands-on experience marks a significant shift in RuneScape’s development process, putting players’ voices at the forefront.

The creators were also allowed to capture their gameplay footage to share their impressions, which will be released shortly after the Necromancy First Look video finishes on May 30th.

Max Cash Release Date Update

The much-awaited Max Cash update, expected to increase the 2.1b coin limit on your Money Pouch and G.E Trades, has unfortunately been delayed due to issues identified during testing. Originally planned for a May release, the new estimated delivery date is now June 12th. RuneScape team has reassured its players of its commitment to ensuring a smooth and reliable update.

Double XP LIVE and Other Updates

Another important update from RuneScape is the continuation of Double XP LIVE, a 10-day train-fest offering each player 48 hours of Double XP. Interestingly, this is the first time both a DXP and Yak track will be active simultaneously. DXP LIVE ends on Monday, May 29th at 12:00 PM Game Time.

In response to players’ feedback, the Jagex Accounts team has increased the character limit from 10 to 20. This update is part of the Open Beta of the new modernised account system.

The RuneScape team also teased the upcoming Treasure Hunter Calendar events, including the Foresight to Train and Gemfall events, promising a plethora of prizes and exciting gameplay.

Lastly, general patches were also announced, addressing various in-game issues and improving the overall gaming experience for players.

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