Dungeons & Dragons Online Introduces Free Dragon Lord Archetype 1

Dungeons & Dragons Online Introduces Free Dragon Lord Archetype

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) players have the opportunity to acquire the Dragon Lord fighter archetype at no cost, as part of the Year of the Dragon celebration. This offer is valid through March 26th, 2024. To obtain the archetype, players are directed to visit Xatheral, a Silver Dragon character, located in the Eberron Hall of Heroes within The Marketplace, specifically in the lower level’s northeastern corner, near the House Kundarak Bank.

The Dragon Lord archetype draws inspiration from the Dragon Lord prestige class featured in the 3.5e Dragon Magic book, providing players with abilities that emulate the power and tactical prowess of dragons. This archetype is designed to enhance the Fighter class with skills focused on crowd control, defense, and the utilization of Draconic power, aiming to improve their combat effectiveness.

For comprehensive details regarding the Dragon Lord archetype and its capabilities, players are encouraged to review the Update 66 Release Notes.

Key Information:

  • The archetype is available for free to VIP members of DDO, but acquiring it requires all interested players, including VIPs, to interact with Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Following the March 26th deadline, the archetype will become a part of the monthly VIP benefits, with the condition that it has been claimed from Xatheral before this date to ensure permanent access.
  • Players need only speak to Xatheral once on any game world to unlock the Dragon Lord archetype for their entire account.
  • Post-March 27th, 2024, the Dragon Lord archetype will be available for purchase in the DDO Store for 995 DDO Points.

This initiative is part of DDO’s Year of the Dragon event, aimed at enriching the player experience with new content and opportunities. Participants are encouraged to act before the March 26th deadline to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

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