EverQuest Set to Launch Teek and Tormax Servers on May 22 with Name Reservations Available Now 1

EverQuest Set to Launch Teek and Tormax Servers on May 22 with Name Reservations Available Now

EverQuest is set to expand its server offerings with the introduction of two new Time-Locked Progression servers, Teek and Tormax, scheduled to launch on May 22. These servers are designed to provide a retro gaming experience, enabling players to progress through the game’s expansions at a predetermined pace.

The initial access for both servers will be to the “Ruins of Kunark,” the first expansion of EverQuest. Following the launch, expansions will be released in a specific sequence. “Scars of Velious” is slated for release twelve weeks post-launch, with subsequent expansions like “Shadows of Luclin” following at intervals of eight to twelve weeks.

Teek will feature a randomized loot system where rare NPCs drop items from a pool that includes loot from similar level NPCs within the same expansion. This system is intended to add variability and excitement to loot encounters. The server will also follow a standard progression in terms of experience gains, which will start slower and increase over time, particularly after expansions such as “Gates of Discord.”

Tormax will follow a similar progression model as Teek in terms of expansion rollouts and experience gains. Both servers will initially operate under a “True Box” rule, which restricts players to one client per computer to maintain gameplay integrity. This restriction will be relaxed in later phases of the server lifecycle.

In anticipation of high demand during the server launch, EverQuest has implemented a name reservation system. This system allows players to secure character names in advance based on their current characters’ level and played time, with several tiers unlocking progressively in the weeks leading up to the launch.

An All-Access Membership is required to play on Teek or Tormax, offering members various benefits.

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