Rose-Tinted Games Announces Closure of Genfanad 1

Rose-Tinted Games Announces Closure of Genfanad

Rose-Tinted Games has officially announced the discontinuation of their fantasy MMORPG, Genfanad, as stated in a recent post on the game’s official website. The development will cease immediately, with the game’s Beta servers scheduled to go offline on April 30, 2024.

The studio expressed appreciation for the community’s support over the years but cited financial challenges as the main reason for the closure. The initial funding from Kickstarter was insufficient, covering only a small fraction of the ongoing development costs, which led the company to self-finance the majority of the project. Despite these efforts, the financial viability of continuing Genfanad’s development could not be sustained.

Following the game’s initial release, the development team attempted to revamp Genfanad in response to player feedback. However, the community’s reaction to these changes indicated that the game would not meet the desired standards if further developed. Consequently, the decision was made to not only cease development but also to shut down the game’s Patreon and Steam pages.

Rose-Tinted Games thanked their players and supporters, acknowledging that their journey with Genfanad would not have been possible without the community’s involvement. The game will remain playable on its Beta servers until the end of the month, providing a brief period for final engagements.

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