EverQuest Introduce New Raid Banner and Free Access to Claws of Veeshan Expansion 1

EverQuest Introduce New Raid Banner and Free Access to Claws of Veeshan Expansion

EverQuest has released the Raid Banner, and announced that its Claws of Veeshan expansion is now freely accessible for all players. These developments mark a significant enhancement to the gameplay, empowering players with increased capabilities to overcome challenging content.

The Raid Banner builds upon the existing Guild Banner functionality, promising players greater prowess in tackling difficult encounters. By assembling guildmates and choosing the Superior Standard option, guilds can plant this banner to receive a boost to their characters’ various attributes and stats.

This new feature becomes available six months post-launch of a new expansion on live servers. On Progression servers (excluding Vaniki), the banners will be accessible a month after an expansion is unlocked. It’s important to note that zones that block raid banners will also prevent the placement of these Raid Banners.

Also, while the Superior Standard can only be placed in instance zones, future progression servers may warrant modifications to the Raid Banner functionality and timing. The game developer, however, ensures early intimation of any such changes to its user base.

The Claws of Veeshan expansion, which lets players face off against the ancient dragons of Velious, has now been made free for all. This move adds another chapter to EverQuest’s ever-growing free-to-play list of expansions, and invites players to take up the thrilling challenge posed by these formidable dragons.

To take advantage of this exciting offer, players simply need to log in to their EverQuest account. The trailer of the Claws of Veeshan expansion, originally released in 2020, can be viewed here, and more information about the expansion is available in past articles linked on the official EverQuest website.

In conclusion, EverQuest’s introduction of the new Raid Banner and free access to the Claws of Veeshan expansion signifies its commitment to enhancing player experience, while offering an engaging and thrilling environment for all. These updates aim to keep the game’s loyal fan base eagerly anticipating what comes next.

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