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New EverQuest Game Confirmed During PAXEAST Panel

New EverQuest Game Confirmed During PAXEAST Panel

The EverQuest PAX East 2024 panel served as a big moment for fans and players of the iconic MMORPG, celebrating an astounding 28 years of development. Jen Chan, the head of Studios, alongside Adam Bell, the design manager, and Lucy McLuarin, the engineering manager, took the stage to unveil not just a reflection on the game’s rich history but also a glimpse into its vibrant future, including the highly anticipated announcement of a new EverQuest game.

During the panel, the EverQuest team took a deep dive into the game’s inception, detailing its evolution from early influences like Gemstone III and Ultima Online, and highlighting the creative brainstorming that paved the way for its revolutionary 3D graphics. With over 5,144 centuries cumulatively spent playing EverQuest, the team celebrated the game’s legacy through a sizzle reel, evoking nostalgia and admiration for the journey thus far.

The discussion moved from the game’s groundbreaking beginnings to its developmental milestones, including the technical innovations that have kept it at the forefront of the MMORPG genre. EverQuest’s commitment to expanding its world was evident as they recounted the game’s 30 expansions, each contributing new realms, stories, and challenges that have kept the community engaged for nearly three decades.

A pivotal part of the presentation focused on the future, particularly the announcement of a new EverQuest game currently in the ideation phase. While details remain scarce, the confirmation of this project has not only ignited excitement within the Ever Quest community but also sparked concerns, leaving some fans to wonder how the legacy will evolve and whether this next chapter can truly honor the rich history of the series. Chan also announced that Daybreak was currently hiring for positions related to this new EverQuest title.

In addition to future game development, the panel emphasized EverQuest’s dedication to its community, from the engaging time-lock progression servers to the comprehensive support systems that have fostered a deeply connected player base.


Saturday 6th of April 2024

I dare say this will be aimed at the ever-more-ambitious crowd, of which I cannot say I am one. I am already feeling lack of commitment to the current EQ1, with fewer mobs in lower level zones and sometimes even parts of the experience made less challenging so as to promote faster levelling - if you have the right gear. I know things pass; I was on Al'Kabor when it was done away with, seeing the avatars being blown out one by one, like candles. Whatever, thank you for the enjoyment so far and special thanks to the ever-patient GMs! Maybe see you later!