Fractured Online Announces Steam Free Weekend and Discount Offer 1

Fractured Online Announces Steam Free Weekend and Discount Offer

Fractured Online is set to host a Free Weekend event starting from Thursday, March 7th. This event allows both Steam users and those registered on the Fractured Online website to access the game without cost. This initiative marks the first Free Weekend for Fractured Online on Steam since its launch approximately four months ago, following the release of the Endgame Changer update.

The Free Weekend begins at 4 pm UTC on March 7th and concludes on Monday, March 11th, at 11 am UTC. During this period, players can access the game through Steam or by downloading the standalone launcher from the Fractured Online website. This period offers more than three days of access without the need to purchase the game.

Alongside the Free Weekend, Fractured Online will also feature a discount for the first time since its Early Access debut. The discount includes a 30% reduction on the Adept Founder Pack, with larger Founder Packs receiving discounts between 15% and 20%. These discounts will be available both on Steam and the official Fractured Online store, extending beyond the Free Weekend.

Due to limited financial and staffing resources after becoming independent, the developers of Fractured Online are inviting the game’s community to assist in promoting the game. The “Spread The Word & Win A Key” program has been reintroduced, encouraging players to share information about Fractured Online and the upcoming Free Weekend and discount event. Participants have the opportunity to win permanent access to the game by contributing to its promotion on various platforms.

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