Fractured Online Shines a Spotlight on the Game's Skill System 1

Fractured Online Shines a Spotlight on the Game’s Skill System

In the latest Feature Spotlight over on the Fractured Online website, the developers of the isometric sandbox MMORPG share more info about Fractured’s skill system and the different magic and combat schools of the game.

Abilities in Fractured Online are grouped into different categories known as schools of magic and schools of fighting. This classification is both logical and practical in the UI of the game – you can catch a glimpse of it in the Knowledge System-Spotlight screenshots, but your hero is actually able to learn all the abilities in each school with no restrictions and in no forced order!

Every school has gotten a short intro along with a video showcasing an example of one of the spells available to that particular school.

Head over to the Fractured site to learn more about the system and its intricacies.

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