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Fractured Online Announces “The Invasion” Update Featuring A New Demonic Race

Fractured Online Announces “The Invasion” Update Featuring A New Demonic Race

Dynamite Studios has released details about the upcoming major update for Fractured Online, titled “The Invasion”. Jacopo Pietro Gallelli, COO of the studio, provided an overview of the new content, emphasizing enhancements to the game’s player-versus-player (PVP) component with the introduction of two new demonic races.

The update will introduce Blood Demons, also known as Vampires, and Hellfire Demons, referred to as Infernos. These races are designed for PVP interactions, with alignments limited to neutral or evil. Each race features a unique passive ability that functions continuously and an active ability with a substantial cooldown, adding depth to combat strategies.

In addition to new races, the update will adjust the Primal forms of Beastmen and the base values of Humans. Initially, demons will be placed on the human planet of Synesia, as their designated planet, Tartaros, will be developed post-launch. This decision supports the studio’s focus on expanding endgame content and improving existing game elements.

The Invasion update will also activate the VIP time associated with founder packs, allowing the use of Dynamite Tokens. The VIP system aims to enhance convenience and progression speed without introducing pay-to-win elements. A new gold exchange feature will be implemented, enabling players to trade in-game currency for premium currency.

New cosmetic options will be available, including armor recoloring and mount skins, with some items accessible through gameplay achievements and others available for purchase with Dynamite Tokens. Select cosmetics will be distributed at no additional cost to eligible players through previous Kickstarter rewards or loyalty programs.

The update will introduce several features aimed at improving the game’s economy, such as unlocking inventory load, repairing items, recycling items, removing IMBs, rerolling orb recipes, and respecing attributes. These features are designed to enhance the utility of gold in the game’s economy and provide various methods for its removal, with the goal of stabilizing economic conditions.

Fractured Online’s “The Invasion” update is scheduled to launch on May 8th, and Dynamite Studios plans to release more detailed videos explaining the changes in the near future.