Fractured Online Gears Up for Time-Limited Test, Reveals New Features 1

Fractured Online Gears Up for Time-Limited Test, Reveals New Features

Fractured Online, has announced a time-limited test slated to commence on Thursday, June 22, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT), inviting all backers for an exciting dive into the game’s revamped world. This sneak peek into the expansive universe of Fractured Online will run until Sunday, July 2.

In a recent update from the game’s developers, all owners of a Founder Pack will have access to the test. This includes gamers who purchased the game on Steam or on Glyph, gamigo’s platform, provided they complete the necessary data transfer.

The primary purpose of this test run is to garner player feedback on a host of new features and changes that have been made to the game, as well as to check the stability of their new backend. Developers have warned players that this is not the “full” relaunch yet, and will be followed by a complete world and character wipe.

During this testing period, players will need to download the new Fractured Online launcher, the release of which will be announced separately. In the meantime, registration for new accounts has been opened, although players needing to migrate their accounts have been urged not to register a new one.

The update introduces an array of new features that promise to transform the gaming experience:

  • Character progression has been overhauled, introducing a Rank system based on accumulated knowledge points (KP), influencing the number of Talent Points a player has and the level of their magic and fighting schools.
  • Ability level-ups are now a feature, with each school having its own Orbs of Proficiency which can be collected from defeated monsters, enabling a player to level up their school from 0 to 10.
  • A complete revamp of the crafting system, altering the types and properties of resources and materials, and significantly overhauling processing stations. An upcoming Alchemy feature promises to add another layer to the crafting experience.
  • The introduction of the Journey System, a fusion of quests and achievement systems, aimed at guiding players in discovering the game’s features and locations.
  • Tooltips for abilities and items have been redesigned, providing players with much more information in a visually pleasing format.
  • The first continent of Myr has been removed, with a majority of its content now available on Aerhen and Terra. These two continents have also been enriched with new creatures, points of interest, and Legends.
  • Hundreds of new animations, audio, and visual effects have been added for player characters and abilities, elevating the game’s visual and auditory experience.

The developers are eager for players to explore these new features and provide feedback, to assist in fine-tuning the game before its official relaunch. Following the time-limited test, Fractured Online is expected to be available 24/7, with no further wipes planned, marking the game’s proper relaunch.

Questions regarding Fractured Online’s return to Steam Early Access remain unanswered, with developers hinting that a delay may be possible until the game’s content and polishing reach a satisfactory level. However, players who initially purchased the game on Steam can continue playing through the new launcher by completing the data transfer.

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