Funcom Reveals Insights on "Dune: Awakening" in Exclusive Interview and Gameplay Preview 1

Funcom Reveals Insights on “Dune: Awakening” in Exclusive Interview and Gameplay Preview

A new video on the PC Gamer YouTube channel has shed light on the much-anticipated, ambitious MMO title “Dune: Awakening.” The exclusive interview and gameplay footage was part of the PC Gaming Show 2023, offering fans an exciting glimpse of the survival-MMO’s combat mechanics, political structures, and player roles.

Funcom, the development team behind “Dune: Awakening,” discussed the challenges and opportunities that come with translating the iconic “Dune” universe into a massively multiplayer online game. The interview took place in Funcom’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway, where the developers are hard at work crafting the game’s complex mechanics and sprawling landscapes.

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