Cinderstone Online Early Access Review 1

Cinderstone Online Early Access Review

Cinderstone Online





  • Cartoonish, unique graphics
  • Family Friendly


  • Many bugs due to being in Early Access
  • Smaller player base can make some tasks challenging

Cinderstone Online, an up-and-coming MMORPG, promises a captivating story, dynamic quest lines, a unique “Caravan System”, and a vast open world full of fascinating locations.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, and although it has its share of bugs and unfinished features, it also demonstrates a high degree of promise, making it a captivating MMO for players of all ages.


Cinderstone Online is constructed around a novel premise, where a deity creates a world by stealing fragments of other realms. As a player, you’re tasked with safeguarding this patchwork planet from other deities seeking to reclaim their lost pieces.

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This premise gives rise to engaging gameplay mechanics. Quest lines are dynamic and never seem to repeat themselves. One day, you might be defending a city from formidable monsters; the next, you’re collecting materials to assist in building merchant nodes. There’s always something new and exciting to do, which helps maintain a high level of player engagement.

The game’s “Caravan System” also adds a new twist to gameplay. As a player, you can choose to become a trader, guardian, or thief, each role with its own set of challenges and rewards. As a trader, you risk losing your goods to thieves but stand to make hefty profits. As a guardian, you protect traders and their valuable cargo, earning a percentage of their sales. And as a thief, you can steal from traders and sell their goods on the black market.

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However, the game is still in its early stages, and some gameplay elements can be frustratingly glitchy. Bugs and crashes can be common, and it’s clear that many features are still in development.


Visually, Cinderstone Online takes a unique route with a cartoonish, vibrant art style that feels fitting for its whimsical fantasy setting. The locations you can explore are diverse and beautifully designed, from the cozy medieval town of Cinderstone to the magical forests of Willowisp, and the floating islands of Anwyn.

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Although the graphics may not be as high-definition or realistic as some other modern MMOs, the unique art style gives the game a distinctive charm. This cartoony approach also makes it more accessible to a younger audience, enhancing its appeal as a family-friendly MMO.

Community & Population

Being in its early stages, Cinderstone Online does not yet have a large player base, but the community that is forming around the game appears active and supportive. Cooperative quests and the unique caravan system foster a sense of camaraderie among players, and the game’s social features help create an engaging community atmosphere.

However, the game’s small population can sometimes make certain tasks, such as finding players to help with difficult quests, a challenge. As the game continues to evolve and grow, it will be exciting to see how the community and player base expands and develops.

Is It Free-to-Play

No, Cinderstone Online is a buy-to-play game.


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Cinderstone Online is a unique, cartoonish MMO that offers a wide range of activities and a truly dynamic gameplay experience. Its captivating storyline, diverse open world, and innovative caravan system set it apart from many other games in the genre.

While it does have its share of early-access bugs and an underdeveloped player base, the game shows great potential and is continuously being improved through regular updates.

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  1. Hi I’m the main developer of Cinderstone online, thank you very much for the review, I completely agree with you. Now it’s time to work on it and after release make this 6 a 8 😉 thank you for playing Cso!

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