Funcom Reveals New Footage for "Dune: Awakening" with an Trailer and Featurette 1

Funcom Reveals New Footage for “Dune: Awakening” with an Trailer and Featurette

Funcom has recently unveiled a new trailer and featurette for its upcoming game, “Dune: Awakening,” during the premiere of “Dune: Awakening Direct.” The showcase, led by Soe Gschwind, presented a 15-minute look into the game, highlighting its open-world survival MMO elements set on the challenging landscape of Arrakis.

Following the announcement of “Dune: Awakening” in 2022, Funcom has now shared further details about the game, aligning with the release of “Dune: Part 2” in cinemas. The new content includes a segment called “Creating Worlds: From Book to Film to Game,” which offers insights into the development of Arrakis, featuring commentary from Greig Fraser, the cinematographer for the recent Dune films, and Joel Bylos, Funcom’s Creative Director. This segment explores the collaborative effort to align the game with the visual and thematic elements of the Dune universe.

The presentation also included the “Survive Arrakis Trailer,” showcasing gameplay elements such as base building, exploration, and combat. Players will navigate the dangers of Arrakis, encounter sandworms, and utilize a variety of vehicles and skills derived from the Great Schools of the Imperium.

“Dune: Awakening” is described as a blend of survival game mechanics with the expansive, interactive environment of a large multiplayer game, emphasizing player freedom and emergent gameplay. The game encourages players to carve their own paths on Arrakis, interacting with other players to create unique narratives within the Dune universe.

Joel Bylos, in discussing the game, noted Funcom’s history in developing multiplayer and survival games, stating that “Dune: Awakening” represents a culmination of the company’s experience, aimed at pushing the boundaries of what Funcom can deliver in terms of player immersion and engagement.

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