"Ghost MMO" Podcast Reveals Insights into Game's Creation and Player-Centric Design 1

“Ghost MMO” Podcast Reveals Insights into Game’s Creation and Player-Centric Design

In a recent episode of “Word on the Street,” the MMO community was treated to an in-depth discussion about the development of the highly anticipated “Ghost MMO” by Fantastic Pixel Castle. Hosted by Scott Johnson and featuring Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, along with engineering leads Cam Dunn and James Doverspike, the podcast delved into the intricate process of building a game that truly centers around player experiences.

During the March 12th, 2024, edition of the podcast, the team behind “Ghost MMO” opened up about the challenges and innovations involved in creating a game that aims to redefine the MMORPG genre. The discussion highlighted the use of Unreal Engine, machine learning, and the concept of blue shards, shedding light on how these elements are being combined to craft a world that supports massively multiplayer participation.

The podcast served as a rare peek behind the curtain, with the development team discussing their goals for making “Ghost MMO” not just another game but a living, breathing universe that evolves with its players. The conversation touched upon the significance of building a game around player experiences, ensuring that every aspect, from combat to exploration, feels immersive and dynamic.

Cam and James, the engineering leads at Fantastic Pixel Castle, emphasized the technical prowess required to bring such an ambitious project to life. They explained the role of Unreal Engine in providing a solid foundation for the game, while also discussing how machine learning and blue shards are being utilized to create a flexible and engaging game environment.

Greg Street, known for his insightful commentary on game development, shared his vision for “Ghost MMO.” He expressed his desire for the game to offer a unique blend of traditional MMO elements with innovative new features, aiming to create a world that players can lose themselves in, embarking on adventures that feel personal and impactful.

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