Aion Classic Announces Update 2.7 – Rise of the Revenant 1

Aion Classic Announces Update 2.7 – Rise of the Revenant

Aion Classic is set to receive Update 2.7, titled Rise of the Revenant, introducing several new features, including a new class, a dedicated zone, a unique instance, and a combat arena. The update aims to expand the game’s content and provide players with new experiences. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the update.

New Class: Soldier/Revenant

The update brings the Soldier/Revenant class to the forefront, a character that has overcome a past under Tiamat’s control. This class specializes in wielding chainblades and uses Ion Flux in combat. It is characterized by leather armor and is designed to offer a different approach to combat within the game.

Telos: A Zone for the Revenant

Telos, a new zone, is introduced as the starting area for the Soldier/Revenant class. This zone is uniquely accessible to this class and is created by Siel’s Relic. It provides an environment for players to become acquainted with the new class’s capabilities and storyline.

Sunken Telos: An Instance for Team Exploration

The Sunken Telos instance, suitable for 2 to 6 players level 51 and up, is another addition. This instance, which can be entered once per week, is located in Silentera Canyon. Players are tasked with navigating through the area, contending with Tiamat’s forces, and seeking out Ancient Relics and other treasures.

Arena of Cooperation: A New PvP Challenge

For players interested in PvP content, the Arena of Cooperation is a new venue where two teams of three can compete against each other. This arena supports characters from level 51 and is available for participation daily between 2 PM and 2 AM, offering a structured environment for team-based combat.

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