Guild Wars 2 Announces New World vs. World Updates and Beta Test 1

Guild Wars 2 Announces New World vs. World Updates and Beta Test

In a recent update from the Guild Wars 2 Team, exciting new changes are coming for players in the World vs. World (WvW) game mode, including rewards updates, enhanced kill credit for those in support roles, and a new beta event focused on world restructuring. The announcement also brought news about the new Mistwalker Infusion and the Officer’s Remnant weapons.

Starting on June 9, Guild Wars 2 will launch the next beta event of its world restructuring initiative aimed at improving player population balance and fostering engaging, shifting match-ups each week. The restructuring will determine teams based on players’ chosen WvW guild, rather than relying on the existing server structure.

During this beta event, running until June 23, players can be matched with a guild of their choosing, provided they select a guild prior to the event. Players who do not align with a guild before the event may find themselves matchmade as individuals. The success of this beta test will pave the way for the introduction of the highly anticipated Alliances system later this summer.

Participants in the beta event can look forward to unique rewards. The completion of the WvW World Restructuring Beta Veteran achievement— achieved by successfully capturing or defending five objectives during the beta period— unlocks a skin from the exclusive WvW War Machine weapon set. Additionally, a WvW bonus experience event will run concurrently, providing generous bonuses to world experience, reward-track progress, and magic find.

The update also introduced a new vendor named Dugan in the WvW game mode. This NPC offers a variety of items in exchange for WvW currencies, ranging from ascended feasts to WXP Boosters. Players can find Dugan in the bases in Eternal Battlegrounds, Alpine Borderlands, and Desert Borderlands, as well as inside the Armistice Bastion lobby.

A fresh reward lockbox called the Mist-Hardened Lockbox is now available, providing a chance to receive a variety of rewards, including the new Officer’s Remnant weapons, crafting materials, and a new WvW-exclusive infusion. Keys to unlock these boxes can be obtained from individual WvW weekly achievements or purchased from the new vendor, Dugan.

Finally, support-role players in WvW are getting a well-deserved upgrade. Kill participation credit for support players has been revised, promising them rewards more on par with their damage-role counterparts.

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