Guild Wars 2: 'What Lies Within' Update Launches on May 23 for End of Dragons Players 1

Guild Wars 2: ‘What Lies Within’ Update Launches on May 23 for End of Dragons Players

New Adventures, Storyline, and Rewards Unveiled in the Latest Free Update

ArenaNet has announced that “What Lies Within”, the second of two free updates for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons owners, will launch on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. The new update brings fresh challenges, thrilling adventures, and coveted rewards to the players, offering a deeply immersive and rich gaming experience.

In this new storyline, players must navigate through the treacherous depths of Gyala Delve, joining forces with the Jade Brotherhood and employing heavy ordnance to defeat the Ravenous Wanderer, a formidable adversary first introduced in February’s game update. This exciting climax to Gyala Delve’s map-spanning meta event is further enhanced by the addition of new rewards.

Players can anticipate an array of new prizes, including the Special Ops armor set, the Mining Hand Drill mace, the Xunlai Nephrite Crusher hammer, a mini phoenix, and more. To accompany this announcement, ArenaNet released a set of new screenshots offering a sneak peek into the exhilarating new content.

Guild Wars 2: 'What Lies Within' Update Launches on May 23 for End of Dragons Players 2

“What Lies Within” takes players on a gripping journey deep into a Jade Brotherhood mining operation. As they explore the enigmatic mine, they uncover the source of its strange occurrences – a rogue demon that is manipulating its victims’ most vulnerable memories. With this newfound knowledge and a special invention designed to harness emotional energy, players must confront and conquer both literal and metaphorical demons to restore what lies within.

The update also introduces new activities across Cantha on End of Dragon maps, including Jade Bot drone mode collection challenges, siege turtle target practice, and skiff races. Players must also remain vigilant as fearsome oni will ambush them throughout Cantha.

To commemorate the release of “What Lies Within”, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will be available at a 20% discount from May 22 to May 28. This release solidifies Guild Wars 2’s commitment to providing a continually evolving, immersive gaming world that offers players new adventures, challenges, and rewards.

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