Guild Wars 2 Launches Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta 1

Guild Wars 2 Launches Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta

Guild Wars 2 fans have an exciting opportunity to preview an expanded weapon proficiency feature, scheduled for release early next year. The beta event, which began today, introduces new weapons and skills for each of the nine professions in the game. This update is a part of the forthcoming “Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure” expansion.

Players can participate in the beta by using any of the nine professions to explore the open world or join group play modes. Notably, beta characters and progress will not be preserved post-event. The game’s creators encourage feedback on the beta experience through profession-specific forum threads.

The beta features a variety of new weapons for the professions. Guardians can now wield pistols, Revenants have access to scepters, Warriors can use staffs, Engineers get short bows, Rangers can handle maces, Thieves are equipped with axes, Elementalists have pistols, Mesmers can use rifles, and Necromancers can brandish swords. This broadens the combat strategies and gameplay dynamics, offering players a fresh experience.

This beta event runs until December 3, promising to be an essential testing ground for balancing and fine-tuning the game ahead of next year’s major update​.

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