Guild Wars 2 Unveils New Update "What Lies Within", Offering Free Content to End of Dragons Owners 1

Guild Wars 2 Unveils New Update “What Lies Within”, Offering Free Content to End of Dragons Owners

Guild Wars 2 has launched a new update titled “What Lies Within”, available for free to all owners of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Following the plotline of the Jade Brotherhood mining operations crisis in “What Lies Beneath”, this update brings the story to a gripping resolution in the Gyala Delve. The commander and their allies face the task of forcing the menacing wanderer from the depths and eliminating it on the surface.

To delve into the new narrative, players can simply navigate to the story journal in their Hero panel, select “What Lies Within”, and click on “Play This Episode”. A kick-off letter from Gorrik is provided to set the stage for the ensuing adventure.

The update significantly expands the Gyala Delve explorable zone and meta-event, culminating the post-Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons storyline. Following the thrilling finale of the meta-event, players can explore the entirety of the map, participate in a downhill roller beetle time trial, and much more.

New adventures have been added to previous maps including Seitung Province, New Kaineng City, and the Echovald Wilds. For the first time ever, players can embark on co-op siege turtle adventures, discover quests involving jade bot tech, and test their navigation prowess in two permanent skiff races. Oni ambushes, a new event, add an extra layer of thrill to the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons maps.

As part of the free content, “What Lies Within” remains permanently free to play for owners of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. This includes the previous story update “What Lies Beneath” still being available for those who haven’t yet logged in.

Guild Wars 2 has redefined its expansion strategy, focusing on providing expansions and related content as a more cohesive experience. For more insight into these changes, players can refer to the Studio Update posts from February and May.

The release also brings a range of aesthetic rewards including the Special Ops armor set and Captain’s Helmet Skin, Hazard Response Pack back item, Energized Luxon Hunter’s weapon set, Mini Phoenix, and more. Mining caches now have a chance to drop new weapons like the Xunlai Deep-Mining Hand Drill, Repurposed Drill Leveler, and Xunlai Nephrite Crusher.

Guild Wars 2 Unveils New Update "What Lies Within", Offering Free Content to End of Dragons Owners 2

The Thruster Control Units, previously available only through Strike Missions and crucial for unlocking the siege turtle mount, are now obtainable from Jade Brotherhood Requisitions Specialists in Gyala Delve.

In celebration of this release, Guild Wars 2 has activated a new set of Twitch Drops. From now until May 28, viewers of Guild Wars 2 on Twitch have a chance to earn a Warrior Quaggan Backpack Set, Upgrade Extractors, the End of Dragons Emblem Clothing Outfit, and a Bag Slot Expansion.

For more detailed information, players can check out the full release notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums. With its latest update, Guild Wars 2 continues to evolve its narrative, gameplay, and rewards, offering new and exciting challenges for its dedicated player base.

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